Friday, November 28, 2014


 One of the funnest thing for (us) the organizers of Escape To Hazzard County is getting everything ready beforehand, including the items in the Hazzard County Raffle. This year, like every previous year, Biltwell Inc. has been first on our Raffle Sponsor list. The following helmets were donated to Hazzard County and hand-painted by #WussArmy Kit and included in the Raffle (* one was made into the Miss Hazzard County trophy helmet).

Thank you Biltwell Inc. and the crew behind one of the most supportive companies in our shared friends network of motorcycle loving hooligans and two wheeled retards! Thank you.

Escape To Hazzard County 3 logo helmet

* Daisy Duke Contest, Miss Hazzard County trophy helmet

Fartbarf Hillbilly Helmet

Born Three


Lil' Feather Foot

Rubber Chickens in Paradise

Another Moonshiner Lid

Chicken Coop Raffle prizes ala The Great Escape, less they run off....

and speaking of running off... have you heard of the EDR?
We'll see you there!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Chopper Prophets post up a longer video that really shows the "Fox in the Hen House" technique Dallas used to win the "Cock Fight"* (*not a cock fight)!

Thanks for sharing!
... and make sure you check out their Podcast(s) on all things Chopper.
Give it a listen here:

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Another great video from Deadbeat Customs and a whole bunch of photos too...

YOUTUBE: Hazzard County 3

This video come to us by way of Matt from CROWLIN COMPANY
Thanks for sharing!!! We love it.

If you've got video or a blog full of pictures from this years Escape To Hazzard County 3, shoot me an email and I'll link them up. Cheers!

Until next year...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Let's get this back to the rightful owner who spent a lot of time working on it. We'll make you a copy of it if you return it, but it belongs to the artist. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hazzard County Raffle LEFT OVERS !?!

So the HAZZARD COUNTY RAFFLE left-overs have been boxed up and are ready to ship!! (except for the helmets and two other large items... I'll have to find some larger boxes for those this week*)

"Wait. Why are they shipping and who are they shipping to? I don't understand..."

The following people have won prizes from the "left over" Hazzard County Raffle!!
Names were picked at random from the Registration Desk check in logs. If you see your name and someone else bought your ticket, it's already pkg c/o the purchaser/address.

Kris Beecher
Rafael Cabral
James Choate
Michael Colmenares
Steve Kapella
Lizette Lavegila
Trina Mann
Stefani Monsato*
Jason Myer
Scott Fishbein*
David Henderson*
Christopher Johnson*
Ramin Niknami
Tyler Perron
James Rollins
Cecilie Sharp
Brian Sirin
Renato Stumpo
Kyle Thompson
Pete Uphold
Tyler Watson
Britiany Weed

Last year we tried to yell the names out over 500 drunken screaming people in attendance at Hazzard County 2 and it just got ridiculous. This year we went with a "silent" raffle method suggested by others who have encountered the same cluster-fuck of how to hold a successful raffle. Well, I guess there's really no perfect method, but suffice to say, we'll keep streamlining it and hope to come up with another method even better for next year. 

But don't get me wrong. Our "silent" raffle this year went wayyyyy better than screaming numbers over a PA system in the hopes people would keep it under control for the entire raffle (they don't) and let's not forget the people with raffle tickets not even present during the raffle. Over 60 people took something home!

Raffle Tickets came inside every MEMBERSHIP BAG as part of the "free shit", but how many of those people were already passed out in their tents by the time the raffle took place? Too many if you ask me. 

Anyway, there's 22 poeple about to receive something they didn't expect in the mail! Keep an eye out for it please.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Superfriends United!

Members of the Superfriends willing to join CRFyou on his annual Run from the Gasser Lounge to Hazzard County can meet up with the "154th Legion" at 8AM, 1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach CA. The assault will launch proper at 9AM.

Make sure you have your ID and you are already registered as a member of the Superfriends as this is mandatory to enter through the gate of Hazzard County. And, no, there are no more memberships available. Our membership drive closed two weeks ago.


This is Jake getting a ticket about two miles from the entrance to Hazzard County.

Don't be Jake!!!

As fellow Superfriends near the final destination, take it easy... Hazzard County isn't going to disappear before your eyes if you're ten minutes late...


Monday, November 10, 2014


Q: Still Kicking has been making custom parts for how long now? I've seen you boothing events for as long as I can remember??

I've been making custom parts since the day I after I walked into a local custom bike shop and asked for help with my personal build. They shooed me out because I didn't walk in with tribal tattoos and $30K. That was 12 years ago. So I started making bars and aircleaners to help fund my projects, always a side gig but now has become a full time fling !!

I started a blog in 2008 
where I've posted stuff before blogs died and Instagram was born. The owl logo was created to honor my father and his passions and because I often can't sleep at night. Still Kicking has become my life story as I've been shot, thrown through a window, and had some crazy crashes. Plus a kick only bike is something of a special  relationship. My web store is

Q: Your Brass Pull Starter for Sportsters was the first item from your catalog that I purchased way back when. What else is a hot mover? And have you noticed anyone copying your designs (which seems to be the "how to" rip-off garage builders unique designs method out of China these days?)

Three of my best selling creations are the PULLSTART, the Sprocket Lock Tab (both pictured below) which I love how guys will buy one for themselves and 3 more for their friends. That IS brotherhood at its finest and so awesome because that was the reason I can up with it. And third is the Simpleton controls, a way to eliminate the bulkiness of stock HD controls without getting rid of a front brake and at a super decent price. 

I've so far managed to stay under the Chinese radar if you will. But there's always those shameless fucks out there waiting to see how to make a quick buck. Our community has somewhat stayed small enough where dudes like that are called out and get little to no support. I hope this consumer integrity and support continue. 

Quick shout out to Bill and Magoo at Biltwell for always supporting me in my ventures. Solid as they come. 

Q: Still Kicking is a sponsor of this years Escape To Hazzard County (3) Raffle and made some kick ass bottle opener license brackets. Which look awesome by the way... Can customers hit you up for one-off custom items? Is water-jetting something you offer?

I always love taking on custom jobs as long as the customer understands the time involved and sees that I do not cut corners. I work with a local water jet guy that cuts out my designs. Also, return customers always get way more than they expect because this to me is the highest complement. To all I've helped in the past, present and future, thank you for your support. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Interview with Ian Smith from Americana Speed Shop

1.) How in the hell did a company in Birmingham AL get involved with Escape to Hazzard County?-- I've followed the Lady Hump blog for some time, and met Allen on last year's (2013) El Diablo Run.  I started the initial plans for my event, The Catalina Wine Mixer, and reached out to various people, including Allen, for raffle items.  We decided on a "home and home" deal and supported each other!  I hope to make it out to (a) Hazzard County soon!

2.) You run Americana Speed Shop. Tell us a little bit about the history of your business/shop. When you started? Do you run it out of a garage/ shop/ vegetable stand? Do you run it by yourself, one man operation or maybe you have some trained helper monkeys?
--Americana Speed Shop has REALLY humble beginnings.  I began the "leather craft" out of necessity.  I wanted to go on The Big Mountain Run on my rigid Ironhead and needed some storage.  After looking around for saddle bags, and not finding any I liked, I decided to make my own. I took an introductory class at my local Tandy Leather, made the saddle bag, and haven't looked back. I'm hooked! I started making wallets, belts, leather covered whiskey flasks, etc. for my friends as gifts. I was looking for any reason to stay busy. From there I started an Instagram account and posted some examples of my work and started getting some interest for custom orders. I keep my prices pretty low, and strive for realistic turnaround times, unlike some other "crafters" out there who take a lot of your money, then act like they are doing you a favor to make your item. My goal is to make pieces for people, that are realistically priced, that get people stoked.

About a year ago, I joined forces with my best buddy Big Boss Ross, who is an accomplished machinist.  He has always been our crew's go-to-guy for awesome machined parts for our bikes. We designed a set of foot pegs that we were really happy with, and picked up Lowbrow Customs as a distributor. We have a "Big Cartel" site, but the majority of our machined products are sold through Lowbrow.

We brother-in-law it pretty well.  Me with the leather, and Ross with the lathe and CNC Mill.

3.) You tool some pretty cool wallets. What else do you/can you make? --Wallets and belts make up the majority of my custom items.  I have also been granted licensing from Biltwell, Inc. to make custom tooled Passport Wallets for next year's El Diablo Run.  I've already made several and plan on making several more over the Winter.  I also have made several saddle bags as of late.

4.) Tell me a little bit about the "chopper scene" where you live. Seems like Alabama has a high level of choppers / riders, say compared to Louisiana, etc., why do you think that is?--This is a funny topic. We always joke around, and my crew doesn't take itself so seriously, about the "scene" here. There definitely are a lot of choppers in Birmingham, more than most cities in the South from what I can tell. There's a big group of skateboarders/ex skateboarders that have there own thing going. Our riding club, The Inbreds RC, is made up of guys that have jobs and families. We don't mind partying with the younger crowd, and we take the occasional week long chopper trip. We just can't do it as much as we like to with our other responsibilities. Having the Barber Vintage Festival here every October also helps bring our buddies from around the country in for a visit.

5.) Tell me about the Catalina Wine Mixer. How long have you been putting this on?--The Catalina Wine Mixer basically started out of necessity. We had the Big Mountain Run in Tennessee for a few years, and it was a blast. A few bad apples spoiled that event and they moved it West Virginia. We also had the Dixie Roundup for 2 years but it fizzled out. I was having breakfast in Ensenada while on EDR and thanked McGoo for putting the event on, and being such awesome hosts. He told me the best way to really thank them was to put something on in my area. His point was that everyone bitches about not having fun stuff to do in their area. That California is Chopper Mecca. Well, California IS Chopper Mecca but that doesn't mean that with a little effort you can't have fun in your own backyard. I really took his words to heart and began planning the event in my head while still on EDR. I mentioned my rough idea to my new friend Shandra, whom I met on EDR. She said, "you should call it The Catalina Wine Mixer" so she gets credit for the name. I loved the movie Step Brothers, so the jokes kinda write themselves.  I get a few emails from confused Californians wondering when we will be on Catalina Island!

The first event was a success, even with a Tropical Storm that beat us up on Friday, dumping 3+ inches of rain in 12 hours. We had a great turnout in my opinion. This year's event is this weekend and I expect more of the same. Camping on an awesome piece of land, cool bikes, and friends partying. It's an easy recipe for a good weekend.

We are really pumped on all the support we have received for raffle items. People got REALLY excited last year and I expect we will have an awesome time again.

6.) What are you making for this years Hazzard County?--I'll be making another set of wallets to celebrate the 3 headed monster you have created! I love Alan Stedman's work, he designed my second logo, so I'll be using his artwork for the tooling.
Alan Stedman Interview HERE

7.) Anything else you want to add? 
I appreciate the support. I've had fun the past few years forging friendships through motorcycles and my leather work. I always look forward to the next adventure.

Ian Smith can be reached at:

Instagram: @americana_speed_shop



You've Got Mail

This post only applies to CURRENT members of the Superfriends :::

"You've Got Mail!"

Approx. 2 days ago I sent out the information you will need for this years Hazzard County.

If you bought multiple memberships, in the email I asked for those names, if you have not already sent them to me. 
If you have responded, thank you sincerely! We've got a lot work ahead of us on this end but it's totally worth it...

Everyone else; Membership is Full. We are at Maximum Capacity and can not accept any additional memberships this year. Sorry...

Sunday, November 2, 2014


First off, thank you Superfriends!!! This year is going to be great.

Superfriends Membership, open since September 8th, closed at 1:00 AM on Nov. 1st with it's 500th member!!! 

We are limited (by the local authorities) to allowing ONLY 500 people to attend this years Escape To Hazzard County (3) and we have reached that number. You don't call ticketmaster when a show sell's out and ask for just one more seat, so believe me when I tell you, we're past accepting memberships... act sooner next year if you can.

We are now busy building everything necessary for Hazzard County in shops and small workspaces across Southern California, so if you've joined the Superfriends, we'll be sending out a general information email in the coming days... and just to be sure you got it, when we send it, we'll also announce it's been sent here (on this website) and on the various social media sites we utilize. You'll know it's time to check your mail box then. I hope to have it sent by Nov. 4th (but that's only an estimate. It might be a day later..?)

One again, a sincere thanks to everyone who's joined the Superfriends in the last few months!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Superfreinds stay tuned!
We will be sending out information on this years Escape To Hazzard County (3) in just a few days via your email on file with Superfriend(s) registration. Thank you!

The Good ol' Boys from Hazzard County,
Allen & Mikey

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 ...a Space Oddixie

Spagetty's Garage Co. launched this into orbit!!!

It's like "ho'hum" you say? No no no... Look again. Yet another sexy item in this years Hazzard County Raffle.... LOOK AT IT FOOL!

"It's full of stars......"

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mig Baron

Mig Baron came in at the last minute with a kick ass design they wanted to throw onto a leather face mask and add it to this years Hazzard County Raffle!!! How in the hell could you say no??? This thing is awesome.

 Rancho Cucamungo, CA.
Check them out for a wide selection of bike builds, parts, leather, design, airbrushing... they've got a little bit of everything going on and it looks pretty bad ass!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


So this years trophy for the HE-MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY Winner was made by one of our favorite bartenders at the Gasser Lounge, Lincoln!!! This thing is wild, etched in glass all the way around, from top to bottom, and honestly, no matter what I did to try and photograph it, I just couldn't capture how awesome this trophy mug really is!!!

So what in the hell is the HE MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY anyway?
Well, it's the "Hazzard County Games!" 
The Hazzard County Olympics, where we test your stamina, strength, and endurance in the form of three challenge events! First there's the "HAY RACE" winners of each heat will move onto the "KEG TOSS" and thus winners from those heats will move onto the final challenge, the "CHUG-A-LUG-LUGG!!!" He who makes it all the way to the end, first... wins the title of 

Last years winner was Dallas, and I'm sure he'd like someone to beat again this year. Do you think you're "He Man" enough to challenge him??? Then prove it!

  Honestly, I didn't get very many good pics as I was hosting the event. I guess, you just had to be there? Or check out last years pics on a variety of other peoples blogs to see what you're missing! 
But why miss it? You can still join the Superfriends and attend this years event... So get your puckered starfish off the rod-iron fence and bust a move, straight over to Hazzard County!