Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Saga Continues ...

Biltwell helmets make some of the best raffle prizes.... I just gotta say. Especially when they're painted up Hazzard County style by our own Kit.

and here's another peak of some custom bars being made by Maker's Moto & Mfg Co.
follow him on IG at @Butcherstreet 

We're still a good chunk of time away from the event horizon but you know it'll be upon us before you realize it... stay tuned Hazzardites!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

We're starting to get some inside looks at what people are creating...

These sneak peek images come from Maker's Moto & Mfg Co., who've joined the Hazzard County Raffle this year with something sure to be a one-of-a-kind prize for one lucky soul! Looking forward to seeing this completed prize under the starry moonlight of Hazzard County...

As sponsors continue to create unique one-off items for this years Hazzard County Raffle, we'll continue to tease and showcase them. There's still time for you to jump in and stamp, cut, weld, or craft something from your own imagination, shoot me a email

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wuss Army Paint Studios (first peek)

"Kit's busy painting with a silver spoon,
Little boy blue and the man in the moon... 
...we'll get to Hazzard soon Son,
yeah, we'll get to Hazzard soon."

~ Freddie Mercury

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Hazzard County Raffle Filosophee' ...Get Involved

Loud n' Greasy secret Hazzard County Raffle creations in mid-eco plasmatic state... what could it be?

What we've always strived to accomplish, is to set the bar above ourselves. To "out-do" what we did last year. And even though, last year, and the year prior, might have been a epic "high-fives all around" success, that's not a justification to merely repeat it this year.

The same can be said about our Hazzard County Raffle. Raffle Sponsors are tasked with creating unique and uncommon Hazzard themed items for inclusion in this years raffle. When you win something at Hazzard County, you're going to take something home that you can't buy at the local Swap Meet or order with a UPC number from a parts catalog online.

Who's involved so far...?

So maybe you're company or shop or just "you" are interested in getting involved with this years Hazzard County Raffle? Shoot me a email and we'll discuss what Square Peg crafty art / part specialty item you have that would match our Round Hole... don't be shy, let your creative juices flow! You don't have to be the biggest name in the chopper game. Sometimes the really really cool items come from the single car garage builders with full time jobs and 2.5 kids underfoot, but it's their deep seeded passion that stokes the candle, moves the soul, and brings imagination to knife (or wrench).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bye Bye Baby Bird... Hello Big Mama!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to our little "Born Three" and welcome in the fully grown Hazzard Buzzard for this years camping trip! Stay tuned for mid August when tickets should go on sale. See y'all soon!

There's "No Vendors" at Hazzard County, which is a private camping trip / not a public event, but we are accepting unique one-off items for our annual raffle. This years items already include Biltwell hand painted helmets by our own resident artist, Wuss Army Kit... if you're interested in contributing, please contact Allen at:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tchotchke Bordello's Hazzard County Reviews

Here's two links to Tchotchke Bordello's Wordpress site. She's captured some pretty great photography from last years Escape To Hazzard County (2) group camping trip. Give them a read, they're totally worth it, and thanks for letting us share these Shandra!!!

Escape to Hazzard County 2 “The Ride”, November 2013

Escape to Hazzard County 2 “The Party”, November 2013

Sunday, April 6, 2014


At the time of this posting there are only 16 Calendars left

NOW ONLY $9.99

We're now in April and you've missed 1/4 of the year! No wonder we haven't seen you around as much... come back to the fold with the purchase of this Calendar (which by default will be 3/4 useful to you in the remaining year), jam packed with photos from last years Hazzard County and all the dates for this years Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge RIDES and EVENTS!

Sold Out

Monday, February 3, 2014


Our little "Born Three" Three headed baby buzzard in 3-D

Just a little surprise Hazzard County country loven' for Mikey on his Birthday (which was a few nights back...) Wishing you the Best Birthday ever!

Sculpted, Eazy-Baked (in Lady Alizon's kitchen, "What are you doing in there?!?" Nothing Dear...), Painted, and Mocked under Glass. Don't shake it, don't feed it after midnight and whatever you do; Do Not get it Wet...


Yes, it's true. I'm in love with Mikey...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chop Cult covers Hazzard County 2

Head on over to Chop Cult and read the News Article by Nick Faught covering Escape To Hazzard County 2. Thanks Nick (Booze Bomber Photography) and Lisa @chopcult  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The Curly Wolf performing at Escape To Hazzard County 2

We love the Curly Wolf! For more ESC2 Curly Wolf footage visit their YouTube channel HERE

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hatched and Hungry ...

Pee Wee Herman stopped by to help feed the three headed baby buzzard today... 

Do you have this year's Hazzard County on your mind? We do.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Year and we can finally say "We're working on THIS YEARS Hazzard County!" 2014

"She's Hot and ready to Pop!"

That's right, with 2014 now here, we can finally say we're working on "this years" Hazzard County 3! Sure maybe we've been discussing things behind the scenes, but now we're putting this beast into gear and putting miles on this Mama! She's itching to move forward and who are we to say "Whoa Nelly"... rather we say, "Get on board with us, or ... GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!!"


Introducing our Hazzard County 3 working art from the talented Alan Stedman who's pretty much captured the "Birth" of HC3 better than any 3D Ultrasound sonogram ever could. Ours has some bad ass half tone dots that you haven't seen since the last time you stole a Daisy Duke coloring book way back in the fifth grade (you we're a nerd, probably still are, we get it. ...still love you anyway.) As the year goes on, the Hazzard County 3 Buzzard will age and mature much like a fine Benzinger wine... 

Bookmark this blog now and be sure to follow @Lady_Hump and @GasserLounge on Instagram for our daily brand of good times. As time seems to draggggg endlessly until "this years" Hazzard County you'll be kept up to the minute on all things goin' on surrounding the event and everything else we're doing leading up to the event. 

Q/A ?
Now to address the question I get most often, actually there's three; 
"What's Escape To Hazzard County?" Well, it's a private group camping trip put together by Mikey and Allen. You can't just "show up" because you'll be turned away at the gate (i.e. this is not open to the public). "When is the next Hazzard County?" sometime near November 15th 2014, 
and "How can I obtain my membership?" ... sometime after mid year. So relax, you're not missing anything (yet). But you will if you don't bookmark this blog and follow us on Instagram like I told yah'... plus you'll get to know us (somewhat) intimately (we hope). And that's what Hazzard County really is, it's about friendship and getting your good time on; Moonshine, Bro Huggery and Daisy Duke'n. Leaving the bogus attitudes behind and escape from the daily grind of City living... if you can even call it "living?" 

We're going to strive for Originality. In all that we do, the fan favorites are always those that are pure original in design and fabrication; hand built, hand stitched, hand painted... and of course those Hazzard themed are always a plus! There's simply no way on Earth, you can go down to the local swap the week after Hazzard County and buy yourself that cool wallet or helmet or set of tooled risers that you didn't win in the raffle at Hazzard County. That's what we're looking for... just one of the many many things that sets Hazzard County apart from the average lame boring event raffle. Now don't panic, Hazzard County is mostly still a year away. There's plenty of time to plan and figure out what you wanna make or create in time to get on board. But make no mistake, we'll still take the t-shirts and anything else you would like to donate to represent your company/brand, but we're going to showcase the hell out of the original. That's the payback, we promote the hell out of your giving spirit, just ask any sponsor from last year... so think it over and contact us at 
(please note this is our NEW event email address for all things Hazzard).

Examples: The hand tooled wallets from the talented Americana Speed Shop and all the awesome helmets painted by our very own Wuss Army Kit!

Mikey & Allen
The Good ol' Boys from (and behind) Hazzard County

Thursday, December 5, 2013


... ho hum, still don't know what to get (her/him) for Christmas again this year?

Get your 2014 Calendar from the Good ol' Boys of Hazzard County right HERE! The Gasser Lounge, Lady Hump Magazine and photographer James Exley have put together a hillbilly masterpiece and that's sure to knock the britches right off yer ass (and chip a couple teeth out in the process)!!! This calendar is everything you'd hope for in a collection of photography capturing the essence of Hazzard County. Check it out!!!

Sold Out

Friday, November 29, 2013

The end of Hazzard County 2, only means the beginning of Hazzard County 3 ...

Everythings tucked in nice and neat for use next year. Before you know it, it'll be time once again to start the engines and make the trek out of Los Angeles (and all points north and south) and head in the direction of Hazzard County ...

There'll still be a few surprises for everyone along the way. We didn't shot our entire wad on that one epic Satruday night... so hold on cause this blog will be active throughout the year with everything related along the road to HC3!

Thanks for the support. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


500 campers at Hazzard County 2

50 Raffle prices from (among others) Biltwell Inc. (helmets hand painted by Wuss Army Kit), Zombie Performance (11 sets of custom bars), After Hours Choppers, Americana Speed Shop, Caballero Choppers, Speed King Steve, Wrench Magazine, WNDRZ, Rolling Heavy, Chop Cult, Loud-N-Greasy, BA MOTO, Lone Rangers MC, and Sailor Jerry!

The Hillbilly Games
Hay Bail Racing heats, Keg Throwing and the final determining factor was the Chug-O-Lug to determine the 2013 HE-MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY!!! 

Free Tattoos by Andy!

The "COCK FIGHT" where even Girls can get in on the action!

Little Miss Hazzard County 2013
Daisy Duke Contest!!!

Chili Dinner by Lady Alizon and the Kitchen Vixen Crew

Live performances by The Curly Wolf

and for the pleasure and education of the audience, who've probably never experienced a band like them before....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank You

Thank you Hazzard County!

So many hard working people deserve thanks for making this years Hazzard County a success! Thank you all. Thanks to all the Attendees who came out and enjoyed our little Hillbilly Campout (it's exactly what it was...) I'll post some pics soon.

Until next year... Stay Trashy Hazzard County