Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thanks for joining the Superfirends! Here's a taste of what's in store for this year...

Wow! Really thrilled at how many people joined the Superfriends for this years Hazzard County in the first few days of membership availability! Thank you. And yes, there's still membership available (for now anyway... so don't dilly dally your time away, or come November 15th you'll be left alone holding down the couch at Fort Thumbupyourbutt by your lonesome dove self... )

Aside from everything else we've got planned that we're keeping secret (funny how people always ask, "so what's the secret?" pau'lease.... I don't kiss and tell). I'm super excited about the Hazzard County Raffle prizes that are starting to come in! 

As you may or may not know, this years Hazzard County Raffle is ALL CUSTOM and/or One-Off brand-it Hazzard County "themed" items, made by some of your favorite (and lesser known) names in the local community of chopper enthusiasts. As they become available you know I'm going to continue to showcase them here (and on the @Lady_Hump IG)

Loud n' Greasy No Brow Headlight Mounts

Oil & Lace Shop Aprons and Tool Rolls

We're also starting to see some FLASH WORK come from the FIVE ARTISTS that will be tattooing at this years Hazzard County 3. That's right, we're uppin' the game from ONE artist, to FIVE artists slinging ink and banging out flash this year!!! Check out these "first look" pieces from BIG 5 out of Union Electric Tattoo... and did we mention the TATTOO'S at Hazzard County are FREE ??? Free to fellow Super Friends who attend this years Escape To Hazzard County 3!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet the man behind LOUD n' GREASY

Interview with James Choate of Loud n' Greasy Customs

1.) Tell us a little about Loud n' Greasy, when did you decide to start making stuff and why? A general wrap up of why you do what you do?

Loud N Greasy Customs started in 2011. As a fluke really.
I had wanted to run an aftermarket light on my Sporty and decided against drilling a hole in the trees. So I fabbed a headlight bracket. It took me several tries before I got one that would not vibrate and bust bulbs. Anyway I finally got one to work and some guys saw it and asked if I could make em one. The thought of a parts company hadn't really crossed my mind until I had made a handful of em. I started a thread in the Chop Market on the ole 33 (HERE). And then a blog and bigcartel store. It's steadily growing but will be awhile before I can give up my day gig.

2.) Is Loud n' Greasy a one man show or do you run a castle of midgette female wrestler minions?

Loud N Greasy is a one man show and then its not.  I do most of the fab work and powder coating and promoting , but Lance Ainsworth (xlance on 33 , oilslinger72 on IG) started out doing some powder coating for me and still does from time to time and also does some consulting on design and is the originator of our "practically Amish" slogan. Aaron Felix (xilefba on IG) owns Felix Machine and is becoming a bigger part of the operation as time goes on. My fabrication operations are shifting to his shop. We have some new products on the horizon and Aaron is instrumental in getting those fabbed.

3.) Tell us a little about the area (chopper scene) in Texas?

Texas is a BIG place . And the folks are spread out quite a bit.  There are quite a few guys down in the Austin area ( Old Filthy, Vice Grips ) lots of builders down in that area too, Matt Jackson, Brian Buscemi, Joey Cano. Dan Carr. Austin is a 4 and a half hour drive from where we are . Then there's the DFW metroplex that has  Lucky 7, Steven Bates, the Ftwkr3w and some other guys. And DFW is an hour and a half from us. Theres starting to be lots of cool events in Texas from the Lone Star River Run, Just Kickers (in Oklahoma ), Giddy Up, Southern Throwdown, Pyshco De Mayo Run. And some new events coming soon too. But we are in a rural part of North Texas , there's not a lot of chopper guys around so we have a small group of guys that are kinda spread out. But help each other with our builds and ride together when we can. I'm in Graham, Lance is in Bryson, Aaron and his buddy John are in Wichita Falls, Fisk is in Decatur. But I do probably 85% of my riding solo. But have buddies spread out all over the state that meet up at the events.

(customer pic)

4.) Is Texas like we see on T.V., where Chuck Norris kicks everyone's asses??? Or is it more Brokeback Mountain (I don't even know if that was supposed to happen in Texas, but you always hear "Steers and Queers" so it might as well have been....)

HA HA HA!!! Actually an interesting and somewhat viable way to ask that question. The name of our HS football team here in Graham is the Steers. And the author that wrote Brokeback Mountain ( also wrote Lonesome Dove, The last picture show ,Texasville ) Larry McMurtry lives in Archer City which is 30 miles from here . So uh yeah. ha ha ha ha ha... But honestly Texans are the friendliest people you'll ever meet . We speak to each other on the street, in line at Walmart or wherever. But we are also a tough stock. You never have to wonder who is armed ...because everybody is. High School football is huge here. Every Friday night just about everybody goes to the game.

(evidently... Cow Boy Sucks? English. It's not just a second language.)

Country music is everywhere. Although most folks have a disdain for modern Nashville country.  Texas country is the thing. From the Classics like Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt to the middle age guys like Robert Earl Keen , Bruce Robison, Charlie Robison, Jack Ingram, Pat Green ..... then theres younger guys like Wade Bowen, Casey Donahew, Ely Young, Randy Rogers.

The economy is somewhat strong, the weather is extreme and the women are hot.
 There's basically 3 meals .....Chicken fried steak, BBQ and Mexican. And as far as  fast food its either Dairy Queen or Whataburger.

We have some of the most beautiful landscapes. That vary greatly from region to region. The hill country is beautiful rolling hills and rivers and lakes. East Texas has the Piney woods, The coast has beaches obviously, and West Texas has ......well .......dirt and wind...hahaha
Lots of great riding roads ....the 3 sisters 335,336,337  then state Highway 16 is great....and locally FM4 is the best .

5.) What's in the future for the Loud n' Greasy Catalog?

We are excited to have some new products coming very soon. One of which is our points cover that we will have our first batch out in October. We will be having a contest on IG to help us name the cover. Should be a cool promotion for a cool new part.

Also, with the success of the no brow brackets , we have decided to make a new higher end, premium version that will be made of stainless steel and polished. The fabrication process will be different all the way thru, with all machined edges and polished to a mirror finish. Of course the price point will be much higher.
The reason for the premium no brow is due to requests for chromed versions. We experimented with a chrome powder coat, but it really isn't what we were hoping for. And after checking into having a batch chromed the price went crazy high anyway... We think that we can offer a polished stainless version for a bit under the price of a chromed one. And will have the warmer sheen of the stainless.

(customer pic)

6.) You're a Legacy Sponsor of the Escape To Hazzard County raffle, from our first year in 2012, and we're stocked to have you continue the party with us. Thank you for your support and taking the time to come up with some unique one-off Hazzard items for this years raffle.

We are pumped to be sponsors of Escape to Hazzard County 3.
And hope to continue to build upon our great relationship with Lady Hump! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The man behind the HAZZARD BUZZARDS Alan Stedman

Before we even get into this interview lets review some of the stuff you've created that people are going to go, "Oh yeah... I've seen this guys stuff around."

Some of my past customers include, both artwork and color separation. Dice Cover issue 36, Dice Biker Dolls Issues 29-32, Born Free, Born Loser, Heavy, Showclass, FMA, Americana Speed Shop, Biltwell, Lowbrow Customs, Cut-Rate, Tiger Shack, Matt Ross, 4 Aces, Wretched Hive, Garage Co. Customs, LadyHump, and the Gasser Lounge.

So I'd like to introduce everyone to Alan Stedman. If you're a local in Southern California, you've probably attended the same events with him and probably even had a chance conversation with him or ridden along side him on any given monthly Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge ride. I've totally asked Alan to keep creating the Hazzard County Buzzard each year because, gosh darn it, he does such a awesome job!  

Where did you get your first job in the wide wide world of art?

I would have to say it was an art contest when I was a Junior in High School, my artwork appeared on the METRO buses in the form of a billboard that ran for a little over 2 years.

... and how did you first get into drawing?

I guess just like most artists, Ive been drawing since I was young. Drawing is what got me to design school, where soon after I quit drawing for a little over 10 years. With much procrastination and hesitation I started drawing again in 2009 when I was asked to do make the biker paper dolls for DicE Magazine.

Is most of your stuff done on (a piece of) paper or do you work entirely on the computer?

Both. I would say 40% paper 60% computer, depends on what I’m working on.

You've been our resident "Hazzard County" artist since day one? What do you think about having to draw the same buzzard year after year?

It doesn’t bother me at all, I actually really enjoy getting to work on the Hazzard art. Every year is slightly different, I’m not sure what I’m going to do if we keep adding heads though!

(Ed note: Yeah, I'm not sure where we're going after three heads either. We're already at the King Ghidorah level in Godzilla world. And thinking ahead, FOUR heads is way ridiculous, but when we get up to 5 and 6 heads, sheeeshhhh!!!)

You do all the Gasser Lounge Event Poster art?

Yes, I ‘ve been working with Mikey B. from Gasser Lounge on artwork for the bar since 2010. He keeps me on my toes with his wild ideas and very detailed descriptions on what he’s looking for, but still gives me enough room to be creative and make the design my own. We actually work well together.

Tell us a little about your experience? You've told me before you were a Color Separator and I'll be less than 5% of the general public understands exactly what that means?

I have been a Graphic Designer for the last 19 years and have been Color Separating for the last 9. I am currently the Art Director and Lead Color Separator at Icon Screening in the city of Orange. The definition of a color separator is very long and drawn out so to put it simply, I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to pull apart artwork make it possible to print accurately on a tshirt. The separations can range from 2 to 13 colors. For an example take a look at my website under the separations tab.

Aside from working within the "chopper" community where might people have seen your work?

Probably nowhere. Most of the designs I do are for Corporate customers in other states or a random color separations that end up in Target or the mall. Ive done separations for Disney, Marvel, Harajuku Lovers, Toki Doki, Levis, Girl Skateboards, Chocolate, Etc.
The funny thing about color separating is that it is not my artwork, Its my job to make sure it looks great when printed, so adding these to my portfolio is weird.

Say a potential customer wants you to create something for them, what's your specialty area?

I would say my specialty would be in Graphic Design, Logo Deign and Color Separations. I love to draw and making artwork for people is fun for me, so if you’re into it and need something let me know! 

Thanks for everything you do for Hazzard County Alan. We all totally love your work and give a neck-breaking nod to your talent!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another helmet finished at Wuss Army Paint Studios

... better than a pocket full of Tots!

Thanks Kit. 

* Just a clarification. Kit's our resident painter. Alan Stedman is our resident Hazzard County artist (the guy who comes up with the original art). So who's Alan? We'll have a interview with him soon...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet the man behind ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE

I've know Steffan from Zombie Performance for quite some time now but in fact I didn't even run a set of his bars till about a year ago (believe it or not). Our friendship has been one of a mutual love and involvement in the current "chopper" scene as much as it can be described as such under the Biltwell / Chop Cult manifestation (and sure, Yes, there have been a LOT of other influences in that scope; forums, magazines, builders, shops, people, the chopper elite, etc. etc. But I'm talking about the modern day scene and it can best be summed up by looking at what Biltwell has done in and around the Southern California areas in the last decade. Think Slab City Riots and El Diablo Runs for a perfect "what do you mean?" response.) Steffans been a part(y) of Escape To Hazzard County and contributed to the Hazzard County Raffle from the very beginning. This year is no different. He's already donated several sets of bars to the raffle and will be again putting together this years custom trophies, so I decided it was about time I gave him a proper introduction in the form of a ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE Interview.... so I'd like you to meet the man behind Zombie Performance, Steffan Ihrcke.

1.) Tell me a little about the "original" zombie performance? How old were you when you started, what were you doing before this? Did you repair lawnmowers or just chain saws? What was business like?

I've been a small engine mechanic since i was 14yrs old. Originally I wanted to have my own small engine shop until I started getting into 2 stroke engine porting. I was building a lot  of custom chainsaws for local loggers and a few race saws for people around the world.  That's where the "performance" in Zombie Performance came in. The name was Zombie Performance 2 Stroke Engines. At the time I was still working a fulltime job repairing equipment and the engine work was in the evenings. now the name is Zombie Performance Fabrication but Chop Cult and everyone else has just made it Zombie Performance.

2.) When did ZP change from Chain Saws to Handel bars? Was there any product in between these?

The business just kind of fell into the handlebar market. I had sold some personal stuff to get a bender. mostly because I wanted to build my own bars. I couldnt really afford to buy new bars at the time and knew how to make them. I just needed the tools. I had made my first set of bars before I had the bender out of some old thinwall stainless. the tube was off some old medical table someone had thrown away. I put bends in the tube by heating it with a torch. they are super ugly but i still have them hanging on the wall. once I got my bender I was making a new set of bars for my bike just about every week. I started selling the old ones on the chop cult classifieds. every set sold almost right away and in no time I was getting people asking me to build them bars. at the same time my day job was slowing down and the economy was taking a dump so the engine porting just about disappeared. I started working for a new repair shop and the owner there was more than supportive of my ideas of starting a business.  more than he should have been if he had wanted me to stay around. lol. that was a great job and the owner was a great guy to work for but the market kept slowing in the winter time and I kept getting laid off. The whole time I was starting to get more and more orders for bars so eventually it was a natural transition to go fulltime with the business when I got laid off.

3.) How long did ZP run out of your house in Winston before you opened your new shop? What made you go from no rent to now having to rent a shop to run your business out of?

About 7yrs if you count the very beginning of tinkering with saws and equipment. I think 2009 or 2010 would be more official year/s for the business as we know it now. I ran the business out of the house as long as I could before I had no choice to move. I needed more space for equipment, inventory, materials, etc. I just always let the business build it self as naturally as possible. I never tried to force anything out of it. I wanted my business to be fun and represent me so I just did what I wanted with it and made the most of it.

4.) In just a few short examples describe the motorcycle scene in the town you live in?

The chopper/home builder scene is nonexistent here. theres alot of people that ride and the Harley crowd here is pretty big but my business has almost now showing in this town.

5.) You're pretty much the town "handlebar guy" but do you think they understand how worldwide your reach is? And in the same thought, has any local shop ever once called you for help on a bike build?

"the town"....? no. but there is a handful people that know about what i do and are really supportive. There really isn't any bike builders here but I can count on one hand the amount zp bars that are on bikes being ridden around here. 2 of them are my own bikes. 

6.) If your business continues to grow how are you going to grow with it? New products planned?

I'm just going to let it grow into what ever it wants to become. ill help it along as needed. I'm mostly going to tailor it along so that I can keep my lead times of orders reasonable while trying to keep people happy with out sacrificing quality. I have some ideas for other products but I'm going to try and streamline the handlebars first. I want to get more bars stocked up so people don't have to wait as long for them. with almost 100 different designs and multiple sizing and additional options its a lot to try and keep everything in stock. I cycle some designs in an out to try and help keep the work load manageable.

7.) In a few words describe what the Cheap o chop off is all about... (and keep in mind I'm also interviewing David for FU and will cross promo each interview asap/before the cheap-o chop off)

The "Cheap-o Chop Off" is mine and Dave's attempt at getting some sort of scene going here. I see lots of people here that want to build a bike or hang out with like minded people but we are so spread out its almost been impossible to get everyone together. we had decided to try and get people to build cheap/small bikes with out spending any money of them just to thrash on them at the chop off. That part of the event has been lacking since the people that show up are usually from other parts of the state and usually ride their normal bikes in. It doesn't really matter to use. the whole thing is just a fun camp out. we go on rides through the hills, and just do stupid fun stuff the whole time.


8.) You take it on the road, vending at both Born Free and most recently at the Norcal Swap... are you planning any other major events?

its not a big part of my plans. I'm going to pick my events based on if I want to attend them or not. mostly just to see friends and customers. it usually just cost me time away from the shop filling orders.

9.) Tell me about your beer brewing hobby?

Its a hobby that I haven't had time for the last year or so. Its fun, tasty, and gets you drunk on the cheap. lol. its actually relaxing for me since it takes a whole day to make a batch. Now that I have an open garage at the house ill try and get brewing again.

10.) anything else you'd like to add?

I'm here doing what I love to do only because of everyones support. All of my customers, friends, and family are the reasons that I'm able to do all of this and I'm eternally grateful. I don't feel like I'm doing anything different from anyone else with the same tools or motivation. My customers are the ones that drive me to keep going and be creative with my stuff.

Be sure to attend Escape To Hazzard County 3 this November 15th 2014
Details on attendance will be coming soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Saga Continues ...

Biltwell helmets make some of the best raffle prizes.... I just gotta say. Especially when they're painted up Hazzard County style by our own Kit.

and here's another peak of some custom bars being made by Maker's Moto & Mfg Co.
follow him on IG at @Butcherstreet 

We're still a good chunk of time away from the event horizon but you know it'll be upon us before you realize it... stay tuned Hazzardites!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

We're starting to get some inside looks at what people are creating...

These sneak peek images come from Maker's Moto & Mfg Co., who've joined the Hazzard County Raffle this year with something sure to be a one-of-a-kind prize for one lucky soul! Looking forward to seeing this completed prize under the starry moonlight of Hazzard County...

As sponsors continue to create unique one-off items for this years Hazzard County Raffle, we'll continue to tease and showcase them. There's still time for you to jump in and stamp, cut, weld, or craft something from your own imagination, shoot me a email

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wuss Army Paint Studios (first peek)

"Kit's busy painting with a silver spoon,
Little boy blue and the man in the moon... 
...we'll get to Hazzard soon Son,
yeah, we'll get to Hazzard soon."

~ Freddie Mercury

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Hazzard County Raffle Filosophee' ...Get Involved

Loud n' Greasy secret Hazzard County Raffle creations in mid-eco plasmatic state... what could it be?

What we've always strived to accomplish, is to set the bar above ourselves. To "out-do" what we did last year. And even though, last year, and the year prior, might have been a epic "high-fives all around" success, that's not a justification to merely repeat it this year.

The same can be said about our Hazzard County Raffle. Raffle Sponsors are tasked with creating unique and uncommon Hazzard themed items for inclusion in this years raffle. When you win something at Hazzard County, you're going to take something home that you can't buy at the local Swap Meet or order with a UPC number from a parts catalog online.

Who's involved so far...?

So maybe you're company or shop or just "you" are interested in getting involved with this years Hazzard County Raffle? Shoot me a email and we'll discuss what Square Peg crafty art / part specialty item you have that would match our Round Hole... don't be shy, let your creative juices flow! You don't have to be the biggest name in the chopper game. Sometimes the really really cool items come from the single car garage builders with full time jobs and 2.5 kids underfoot, but it's their deep seeded passion that stokes the candle, moves the soul, and brings imagination to knife (or wrench).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bye Bye Baby Bird... Hello Big Mama!

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to our little "Born Three" and welcome in the fully grown Hazzard Buzzard for this years camping trip! Stay tuned for mid August when tickets should go on sale. See y'all soon!

There's "No Vendors" at Hazzard County, which is a private camping trip / not a public event, but we are accepting unique one-off items for our annual raffle. This years items already include Biltwell hand painted helmets by our own resident artist, Wuss Army Kit... if you're interested in contributing, please contact Allen at: