Friday, November 28, 2014


 One of the funnest thing for (us) the organizers of Escape To Hazzard County is getting everything ready beforehand, including the items in the Hazzard County Raffle. This year, like every previous year, Biltwell Inc. has been first on our Raffle Sponsor list. The following helmets were donated to Hazzard County and hand-painted by #WussArmy Kit and included in the Raffle (* one was made into the Miss Hazzard County trophy helmet).

Thank you Biltwell Inc. and the crew behind one of the most supportive companies in our shared friends network of motorcycle loving hooligans and two wheeled retards! Thank you.

Escape To Hazzard County 3 logo helmet

* Daisy Duke Contest, Miss Hazzard County trophy helmet

Fartbarf Hillbilly Helmet

Born Three


Lil' Feather Foot

Rubber Chickens in Paradise

Another Moonshiner Lid

Chicken Coop Raffle prizes ala The Great Escape, less they run off....

and speaking of running off... have you heard of the EDR?
We'll see you there!

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