Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hazzard County Raffle LEFT OVERS !?!

So the HAZZARD COUNTY RAFFLE left-overs have been boxed up and are ready to ship!! (except for the helmets and two other large items... I'll have to find some larger boxes for those this week*)

"Wait. Why are they shipping and who are they shipping to? I don't understand..."

The following people have won prizes from the "left over" Hazzard County Raffle!!
Names were picked at random from the Registration Desk check in logs. If you see your name and someone else bought your ticket, it's already pkg c/o the purchaser/address.

Kris Beecher
Rafael Cabral
James Choate
Michael Colmenares
Steve Kapella
Lizette Lavegila
Trina Mann
Stefani Monsato*
Jason Myer
Scott Fishbein*
David Henderson*
Christopher Johnson*
Ramin Niknami
Tyler Perron
James Rollins
Cecilie Sharp
Brian Sirin
Renato Stumpo
Kyle Thompson
Pete Uphold
Tyler Watson
Britiany Weed

Last year we tried to yell the names out over 500 drunken screaming people in attendance at Hazzard County 2 and it just got ridiculous. This year we went with a "silent" raffle method suggested by others who have encountered the same cluster-fuck of how to hold a successful raffle. Well, I guess there's really no perfect method, but suffice to say, we'll keep streamlining it and hope to come up with another method even better for next year. 

But don't get me wrong. Our "silent" raffle this year went wayyyyy better than screaming numbers over a PA system in the hopes people would keep it under control for the entire raffle (they don't) and let's not forget the people with raffle tickets not even present during the raffle. Over 60 people took something home!

Raffle Tickets came inside every MEMBERSHIP BAG as part of the "free shit", but how many of those people were already passed out in their tents by the time the raffle took place? Too many if you ask me. 

Anyway, there's 22 poeple about to receive something they didn't expect in the mail! Keep an eye out for it please.

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