Monday, November 10, 2014


Q: Still Kicking has been making custom parts for how long now? I've seen you boothing events for as long as I can remember??

I've been making custom parts since the day I after I walked into a local custom bike shop and asked for help with my personal build. They shooed me out because I didn't walk in with tribal tattoos and $30K. That was 12 years ago. So I started making bars and aircleaners to help fund my projects, always a side gig but now has become a full time fling !!

I started a blog in 2008 
where I've posted stuff before blogs died and Instagram was born. The owl logo was created to honor my father and his passions and because I often can't sleep at night. Still Kicking has become my life story as I've been shot, thrown through a window, and had some crazy crashes. Plus a kick only bike is something of a special  relationship. My web store is

Q: Your Brass Pull Starter for Sportsters was the first item from your catalog that I purchased way back when. What else is a hot mover? And have you noticed anyone copying your designs (which seems to be the "how to" rip-off garage builders unique designs method out of China these days?)

Three of my best selling creations are the PULLSTART, the Sprocket Lock Tab (both pictured below) which I love how guys will buy one for themselves and 3 more for their friends. That IS brotherhood at its finest and so awesome because that was the reason I can up with it. And third is the Simpleton controls, a way to eliminate the bulkiness of stock HD controls without getting rid of a front brake and at a super decent price. 

I've so far managed to stay under the Chinese radar if you will. But there's always those shameless fucks out there waiting to see how to make a quick buck. Our community has somewhat stayed small enough where dudes like that are called out and get little to no support. I hope this consumer integrity and support continue. 

Quick shout out to Bill and Magoo at Biltwell for always supporting me in my ventures. Solid as they come. 

Q: Still Kicking is a sponsor of this years Escape To Hazzard County (3) Raffle and made some kick ass bottle opener license brackets. Which look awesome by the way... Can customers hit you up for one-off custom items? Is water-jetting something you offer?

I always love taking on custom jobs as long as the customer understands the time involved and sees that I do not cut corners. I work with a local water jet guy that cuts out my designs. Also, return customers always get way more than they expect because this to me is the highest complement. To all I've helped in the past, present and future, thank you for your support. 

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