Thursday, October 23, 2014


So this years trophy for the HE-MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY Winner was made by one of our favorite bartenders at the Gasser Lounge, Lincoln!!! This thing is wild, etched in glass all the way around, from top to bottom, and honestly, no matter what I did to try and photograph it, I just couldn't capture how awesome this trophy mug really is!!!

So what in the hell is the HE MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY anyway?
Well, it's the "Hazzard County Games!" 
The Hazzard County Olympics, where we test your stamina, strength, and endurance in the form of three challenge events! First there's the "HAY RACE" winners of each heat will move onto the "KEG TOSS" and thus winners from those heats will move onto the final challenge, the "CHUG-A-LUG-LUGG!!!" He who makes it all the way to the end, first... wins the title of 

Last years winner was Dallas, and I'm sure he'd like someone to beat again this year. Do you think you're "He Man" enough to challenge him??? Then prove it!

  Honestly, I didn't get very many good pics as I was hosting the event. I guess, you just had to be there? Or check out last years pics on a variety of other peoples blogs to see what you're missing! 
But why miss it? You can still join the Superfriends and attend this years event... So get your puckered starfish off the rod-iron fence and bust a move, straight over to Hazzard County!

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