Monday, October 6, 2014


Returning again in this years Hazzard County Raffle, Cary Brobeck and WNDRZ have thrown in some of the baddest riding jackets I have ever held in my hands!


"This jacket is designed for a biker by a biker; it’s a jacket for all seasons.  It’s thin enough for a summer time night ride, and warm enough to wear under your cut in the spring or fall.  It also works as a great layer under your leather jacket for those cold winter rides.
The super secret outer shell material blocks out all wind and rain, the water will bead right off leaving you dry as a bone.  The  “Thinsulate” inner allows for a slim fit so you’re not flappin in the wind and the thumb holes in the sleeves keep the wind and rain off your arms.  There really is no better riding jacket on the market, functional and stylish are not two things that normally go together."

For more information or sizing available visit:

So, how exactly are these customized for Escape To Hazzard County? 
... you'll see! If you win one, or someone who wins one shows you. Trust me, they are!

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