Monday, October 6, 2014

Maker's Moto and Mfg. Co.

The idea behind this years HAZZARD COUNTY RAFFLE is, if you win something, it's going to be something unique! We've asked all Raffle Sponsors to step up the game and create some original, Hazzard County themed give-away items that brands it unmistakeably "Hazzard County" without a doubt. I'll say, from what I've already seen and/or received in the mail, there'll be a lot of people taking one of a kind keep-sakes home... now as I've also seen in years past. These items get squirrelled away in garages and hung in shops. Hopefully this year, with the amount of stuff in the raffle, and there's a lot, we'll get to see some of it on the road!


The above bars (or trophy)(your choice) made by the talented Maker's Moto and Mfg. Co.

Thanks Allan.

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