Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Still yet another item for the HAZZARD COUNTY RAFFLE

The truth is, we're waiting for several more items that are just taking longer than originally anticipated for "creation"... which can only mean that they're super worth the wait!

One of those we've heard rumor about that did in fact make it to Superfriends HQ last night is a custom rigid seat made by our good friend Jonzy. Check it out! Leather sided, legit stitched flag over waterproof neoprene (or something another along those lines, designed to be durable).

He said he wants to win it back to ride it on his own bike, but I told him that ain't likely gonna be happening!!! Here's another item, I seriously hope, that if you win, you'll actually ride. So many previous years "Hazzard Themed" items that were won made it safely home, only to be hung as trophies in the garages and shops across the county line. I guess that's cool too, but it sure would be nice to catch my eye on one of them someday in the future!

Thanks again Jonzy, they seat IS great.

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