Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thanks for joining the Superfirends! Here's a taste of what's in store for this year...

Wow! Really thrilled at how many people joined the Superfriends for this years Hazzard County in the first few days of membership availability! Thank you. And yes, there's still membership available (for now anyway... so don't dilly dally your time away, or come November 15th you'll be left alone holding down the couch at Fort Thumbupyourbutt by your lonesome dove self... )

Aside from everything else we've got planned that we're keeping secret (funny how people always ask, "so what's the secret?" pau'lease.... I don't kiss and tell). I'm super excited about the Hazzard County Raffle prizes that are starting to come in! 

As you may or may not know, this years Hazzard County Raffle is ALL CUSTOM and/or One-Off brand-it Hazzard County "themed" items, made by some of your favorite (and lesser known) names in the local community of chopper enthusiasts. As they become available you know I'm going to continue to showcase them here (and on the @Lady_Hump IG)

Loud n' Greasy No Brow Headlight Mounts

Oil & Lace Shop Aprons and Tool Rolls

We're also starting to see some FLASH WORK come from the FIVE ARTISTS that will be tattooing at this years Hazzard County 3. That's right, we're uppin' the game from ONE artist, to FIVE artists slinging ink and banging out flash this year!!! Check out these "first look" pieces from BIG 5 out of Union Electric Tattoo... and did we mention the TATTOO'S at Hazzard County are FREE ??? Free to fellow Super Friends who attend this years Escape To Hazzard County 3!

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