Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Hazzard County Raffle Filosophee' ...Get Involved

Loud n' Greasy secret Hazzard County Raffle creations in mid-eco plasmatic state... what could it be?

What we've always strived to accomplish, is to set the bar above ourselves. To "out-do" what we did last year. And even though, last year, and the year prior, might have been a epic "high-fives all around" success, that's not a justification to merely repeat it this year.

The same can be said about our Hazzard County Raffle. Raffle Sponsors are tasked with creating unique and uncommon Hazzard themed items for inclusion in this years raffle. When you win something at Hazzard County, you're going to take something home that you can't buy at the local Swap Meet or order with a UPC number from a parts catalog online.

Who's involved so far...?

So maybe you're company or shop or just "you" are interested in getting involved with this years Hazzard County Raffle? Shoot me a email and we'll discuss what Square Peg crafty art / part specialty item you have that would match our Round Hole... don't be shy, let your creative juices flow! You don't have to be the biggest name in the chopper game. Sometimes the really really cool items come from the single car garage builders with full time jobs and 2.5 kids underfoot, but it's their deep seeded passion that stokes the candle, moves the soul, and brings imagination to knife (or wrench).

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